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The Android Experiment

March 24, 2014

So, I bought an Android phone. Yes, I'm shocked too.

After being a hardcore iOS user ever since the iPhone came out and only acknowledging the existence of Android to make fun of it, I decided it was time to finally check it out.

Two reasons have led me to take on this challenge: I have been getting a lot of requests to work on Android projects and the Moto X was the very first Android device that didn't make me want to puke when I held it.

I feel the only way I can design native applications properly is by walking in the user's shoes, getting to know the day-to-day usage quirks of the system, its strong suits and weaknesses. That's why I can pretty much design an iOS app with my eyes closed nowadays. Studying the guidelines will only take me so far and I feel I have gone as far as I could without getting my hands dirty.

I have done this same experiment with a Windows Phone a few years ago and it worked out great. I managed to stay with it as my primary phone for about a year before going back to an iPhone and I learned a lot about using it and designing for it.

It has been two days since my new Android phone arrived and I can already see things I like and things I don't like. However, this isn't about me as a user, it's about me as a designer. The current project I'm working on right now is going to benefit from this change as things I thought were considered native behavior don't really translate that well into what an Android user would expect as native. That alone tells me this experience is worth it.


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