Hello, I'm Leonardo!

I'm a User Experience and User Interface Designer
specializing in digital product creation, currently living in Colorado, USA.


The easiest way to find dishes and local ingredients while on the road. Features real-time translation and experience sharing. Winner of IBM's Hackathon Mobile in São Paulo, Brazil.

Concept UI Design UX Design In Development

Game Calendar

A video game release date tracker for iOS. Multiplatform support, custom calendars/watchlists, public profiles.

Concept UI Design UX Design In Development


TV shows tracker app for iPhone/iPod Touch.

Concept UI Design UX Design


I love creating. Interfaces, layouts, applications, campaigns, games, posts, videos, you name it.

I'm actively looking for opportunities to work alongside people that share my passion for doing great work and being proud of what they do.

When I'm not working you might find me playing basketball, slaying demons in Diablo III or updating Planeta Blizzard, my very own Blizzard fansite.

Feel free to contact me. I'm a friendly guy. =)